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  • GET YOUR LBP2 LEVEL PROMOTED ON YOUTUBE! Imm starting up a series of youtube videos where you can put down levels that you created or really like and would like to share in the comments or down here and it could be showcased on the next video!.Even if you dont get selected i will still play then and try my best to get the name of your level out there there are NO requirements or that stuff so just put down a level quick! There has been no entries so far!

    Thread location: LittleBigPlanet 2
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    Posted: Mar 31 2012, 8:57 PM EDT by RainbowsGaming
  • Posting Levels in the Community. Hello fellow Little Big Planet players~
    I have a simple question for all of you~
    I have been trying to post my newest levels but every time I attempt to, the level "pannel" it turned red and when I hit X my level does not post.
    If someone can help me out with this issue, it would be much appreciated.
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: communityissueslevelpleasepostingproblems 
    Posted: Aug 21 2011, 8:11 PM EDT by ChaoticSyndicate
  • LBP2 Level Advertisement Show any of your levels here, show the following info;
    Level Name: My Level
    Comment On Level: This Is My Level, Not Yours!
    Thread location: LittleBigPlanet 2
    Posted: Mar 30 2011, 11:06 AM EDT by 0031benjy
  • automated elevator how do i make an automated elevator in little big planet 2 ?
    Thread location: LBP2 Creation tools
    Keyword tags: 2aadvancedamazinganimationawesomebbasicBigcchcomiccreationddecorationeepicfggatesglueguidehijklLBPLBP2LBPGlevelLittlelogicmmicrochipsmildmoderateMoonmoversnnessopPlanetqqurrotatorssSequelshsitestickerstorystufftthetoonuvviolencewwhoawowy 
    Posted: Mar 29 2011, 1:11 PM EDT by captainkerk2001
  • Making people speak more than once This is my first time making a level and I am trying to be somewhat creative. I am wondering how do I make people talk more than once without it skipping over to the next sentence automatically. I created a sequencer and I was able to do it that way but the first sentence goes away in about 2 seconds and then goes to the next sentence. The second sentence stays since there is nothing after that in the sequencer. Is there a way to get it to be the same way except the player must press "o"
    to go to the next sentence?


    And just a quick question, is it possible to make something happen after something else happens?
    Thread location: LittleBigPlanet How-tos
    Posted: Feb 1 2011, 12:06 PM EST by Rayge
  • My First level has to be perfect. As many people know it is hard to get your levels noticed on Little Big Planet. I have been working on my level for a few weeks now (Including pre-design and creating the story) and I have to say creating is really fun if you know what your doing.

    Level Name: Silent Hollow

    Silent Hollow is pretty much a story based level with a few bosses and obsticals. It isn't your typical Left to right obstical course because you have to notice how the enviroment and the mood changes. I am about half way through creating it and have almost filled up the thermometer. I will publish it using LBP2 because I can use level link to like the 2 different levels together (For a more smooth transition).

    Now to the original point of this thread. I need testers. Most of my friends who test my levels just power through it without looking at fine details. I need people who can critique the story and the level itself (Please note I have not started doing the polishing so things may look kinda square). If you would like to help me with this you can contact me/buddy me PSN:Robmacd94.

    Thread location: LittleBigPlanet
    Keyword tags: HollowlevelSilenttester 
    Posted: Jan 18 2011, 10:18 AM EST by Robmacd94
  • Setting Lives Amount I am working on a new custom level for LBP for PS3 and was wondering if there is a way to set the amount of lives given. I'm wanting to set it to one life only so when you die you automatically go to the scoreboard. Is that possible? If so, how do you do it? I'm relatively new to the level creation part of this game and have only messed with it a couple of times. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: bigcustomlbplevellittleplanetsackboy 
    Posted: Nov 2 2010, 4:31 AM EDT by vashcrowley
  • Arctic chill w/ typo not the acual cover for the level
    Albums: Uncategorized
    Keyword tags: arcticchillcommunitylbplevel 
    Added: Jul 21 2010, 3:17 PM EDT by Modern-Clix
    Last updated: Jul 21 2010, 3:19 PM EDT by Modern-Clix
  • Level Help PLEASE! Well actually i published a level and would appreciate it very much if all of you would play it, comment or come here and give me feedback. Its my first level and i want to make a series with the character in the level.
    The Level's name is "Singing Prey"
    also, i couldnt add more goodies and enemies because my level overheated (Damn thermometer). I hope they extend the stuff you can add to a level on LBP2.
    I would also like to add that im a very detailed person when it comes to scenery and characters so if you ever need help adding background stuff such as stickers, buildings, skies, etc., i would be glad to help.
    just email me and i will give you my PS3 account name.
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: buildcreateLBP2level 
    Posted: Jun 30 2010, 7:13 PM EDT by TaelorTotLBP
  • One Eyed Mummy's Curse: Golden Death Bed Hey, published my newest creation and looking to spread the word!

    Level description:

    As a hardened explorer you find myths of an ancient curse stopping those who try to take the treasures from King Ban Shis tomb laughable. Why no one has claimed them yet your not sure.. but it's time to enter and find out!

    ID: OneEyedBanshee
    Level Name: One Eyed Mummy's Curse: Golden Death Bed


    Please go check it out! :D
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: curselevelmummy'soneeyedbansheeUser 
    Posted: Mar 18 2010, 3:53 PM EDT by OneEyedBanshee
  • Any known user levels that have these items in them? I am after some user created items and would like to know if anyone knows of user levels that have similar items in them?
    I am looking for something with tools or construction site type items. I am not good enough to create my own from scratch yet but when I search for text in LBP - "construction" comes up with nothing and "tools" comes up with tools for making levels and not actual tools like hammers/saws/pickaxes etc.
    So here I am - word of mouth shall prevail! Anyone know of any sites with these items in them?
    Thanks!! :o)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: constructioncreateLBPleveltools 
    Posted: Feb 20 2010, 8:26 AM EST by Hel_is_heaven
  • Mountain fiend Hey all, my newest level is up, "Mountain Fiend".

    It's about an old man whos daughter got kidnapped by the local mountain fiend, you have to go save her!

    It's in silhouette style also!

    There's a good bit of platforming and a boss at the end. Not 100% what I planned especially the boss but I think it's as good as it's going to get. Please give it a go, it's fairly difficult/ requiring patience so it seems the general public have rated it low because of this. Really appreciate feedback!
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: bossfiendlevelmonstermountainplatforming 
    Posted: Feb 14 2010, 10:01 AM EST by OneEyedBanshee
  • Pochii29 well i dont know much to say and i dont want to say the wrong thing to mess up my chanceI but i realy want a beta key becouse i love lbp. My friends always say how stupid this game is, but i defend it. i love the coustums and i love the rare ones more. I know how to keep secrets i been out for chermiercals for nintendo and i saw cool new products wich i cant say. I will try to report bugs and make you try to have it perfect. so please. can you give me a chance ive never done a beta... ive gotta start some time
    Thread location: LittleBigPlanet Beta
    Keyword tags: betabeta keybeta keysbigLevellittlelittlebigplanetnowplanet 
    Posted: Feb 11 2010, 7:24 PM EST by MasonUlves
  • Killer Cow Syndrome! Hey, hoping to get some feedback and plays of my level, not sure if this is the right place so correct me if it's not. Finally have my first proper level at a stage where I think I can say it's done. Maybe some tweaks left in there but I've tried ironing out as much of the dodgeyness as possible.

    Name: Killer Cow Syndrome!
    ID: OneEyedBanshee

    It's about some cows that have been infected with this killer cow syndrome. It causes them to transform into big beast cows if left untreated. There's a lot of platforming in there with 2 cow bosses at the end. I seem to like grabbing sponge on string and being swung around so be prepared to do some of that! I have spent a good deal of time on it and visually I think it's good, game play I like but clearly it can be tricky or frustrating for others, maybe online players just lack skill sometimes.. :P I don't think it's that hard but if you like a little bit of difficulty check it out. Some comments saying it sucks, hate it etc Another saying bovine shadow of the colossus so make of that what you will. I'd greatly appreciate some feedback as I want to make it the best level I can. I have checked out all these players claiming its terrible etc and I don't think they are ones to talk! haha well hopefully some of you can check it out and let me know what ya'll think!
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: cowlevelplatforming 
    Posted: Feb 2 2010, 11:25 AM EST by OneEyedBanshee
  • A level from Hollywood ! Hey :) I'm from France, I'm new in this forum, I've been playing Little Big Planet for one year ^^ and I'd like to show you my level : That's so Hollywo.d ! . . . . Hollywo.d ?!
    PSN : senosen01
    The famous movie capital of the world needs people in search of adventure ! So, Hollywood needs sackboys ! ;)
    Meet celebrities, hunt aliens, explore addictive worlds ! You're the principal actor now ! ;)
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: HollwoodHollywo.dlevel 
    Posted: Dec 31 2009, 10:04 PM EST by senosen01
  • Questions about level creation Two things I want to know:

    Can you upload images to use as level backgrounds? Can you download any?

    Can you make shapes?
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: backgroundscreationlevellevelsshapes 
    Posted: Dec 1 2009, 9:16 AM EST by Decisive-Pumpkin
  • I need a beta key now Ive made so many awesome lbp levels and i want to share them really bad plzz plzzz give me a beta key
    Thread location: LittleBigPlanet Beta
    Keyword tags: betabeta keybeta keysbigLevellittlelittlebigplanetnowplanet 
    Posted: Nov 28 2009, 5:18 PM EST by coolguyd1
  • 100% trophy I am trying to get 100% on LBP and I need help doing the 3 and 4 player parts of the level. My PSN is Andy6590 add me as a friend I am online most days and nights. Also could people please heart my level and me, I will return the favour. many thanks.

    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: 10034hearthelplevelonlineplayertrophies 
    Posted: Oct 24 2009, 1:23 AM EDT by ANDY6590
  • is anyone else having this issue? everytime i load up lpb and my puppet(s) drops into the ship and extra unclothed puppet drops in, there is no other controller connected, and when i try to connect 1 to control the extra puppet a 3rd drops in leaving the original second 1 still uncontrollable and i cannot get rid of it
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Keyword tags: advancedAlienarenaboycancostumecreationfightfindfreGrap Material hanging on wallsH4HIdeasLBPlevelsackSackboysackboy requestsSackgirlSSJ 4 Gogetateddythetipstrickswhereyou 
    Posted: Sep 21 2009, 6:35 PM EDT by vanillacoke642
  • water when can i bye wter i check every day for still no wter and when do they chance the codtumes im bored of them i got what i want time for a change
    Thread location: Discussion Forum
    Posted: Sep 17 2009, 7:29 AM EDT by joejoe1234
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