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Valuable Troops: Just a quick tip: topple the soldier at the entrance to get the bubbles up above.

Tilting Trouble:
It's not so hard to survive the level -- well, up until these larger rotating platforms. The one on the right changes directions each turn, so keep an eye on it from afar and go for it when it's tilting to the left (far side up towards the opposite ledge). Don't forget to grab the key in the middle, too!


The Humongous Hamster Wheel Of Death: The level's climax is a giant rotating wheel chamber like the smaller ones you had to jump through earlier. You'll have to make it through each tier of the wheel, avoiding the electrical currents until you can finally exit out the bottom. We'll take things section-by-section here:

First section: Try to stay perpendicular with the ground here -- that will ensure nice, clear leaps over to the next platform.

Second section: You'll mostly be going vertical down this section (hang onto the swinging bulb to position yourself if you need to). Not much to worry about.

Third section: Try to keep forward leaps to a minimum and rely on straight-up jumps to make it over the electric beams and onto the brown platforms. Jump forward only when it's absolutely obvious, like two beams just in front of a platform. This will likely be where many people get tripped up. If you have confidence in your reflexes, though, then forward leaps can work. Better safe than sorry, after all. Again, stay perpendicular -- try not to get pushed back to the left or else you'll find it harder to see what's coming up ahead.


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i have been trying the large hamster wheel for hours. anyone want to help me play it?

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