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Beggining of Skate to Victory

Right, so first walk a bit and trigger a cut scene where the king warns you of a "scary castle". Right. Moving on we grab onto a bird which then flies us up to the top of a grassy thing activating some cool music*. Then we get our first obstacle.

First Obstacle:
Skate to Victory - First Obstacle

This consists of 3 windmills with grabber things attached, separated by pits of evil gas. To jump across you need to gain momentum by
holding a grabber thing, letting go at the right moment and swinging yourself across. For the last windmill try to jump as far as possible,
if this works then you will land on a couple of prize bubbles, otherwise you just knock the platform they are on, and while you can still get them you can sometimes get a bit stuck under the rubble.
Jump down and we get a single prize bubble along with a sticker trigger area. For this you need the star sticker that can be collected near the end of the level. Jumping back up a couple of platforms and continuing

Second Obstacle:
Skate to Victory - Second Obstacle
This is a wheel thing in the water that rotates, on to the left of the wheel you can see some score and prize bubbles - leave them for now, and between the spokes is various prizes. take some time to gather the prizes then move on to the right and grab on to the bird again, try to steer it into the prize bubble, but you can jump for it if you want. Once the bird has dropped you off on the higher ridge head left and take another bird which should move you over those prizes I talked about earlier. Then jump over the wheel, get back on that ridge and continue.

Third Obstacle:
Heading across some bridges and we then stumble upon the next bundle of fun...

The jet pack!
Always a fun toy in any video game, and although you're tethered to the ground when using a jet pack on LittleBigPlanet, it's still possible to have some mid air fun. And in this particular case, your sack person needs it to lower the big gate blocking next section. While using the jet pack, grab one of the big yellow buoys and drop it into the rectangular box above. Put a total of three buoys in there to weigh down the box and lower the gate. While the jet pack is at your disposal you can use it to get on top of the nearby tree to your left. There is also another trigger that requires the star sticker** using that you get some new materials along with some cloud objects.

Fourth Obstacle:
Skate to Victory - Fourth Obstacle
Once through the gate, there is a boot that obstructs our path. If you jump on top of it you will be projected to a prize bubble, but nevertheless, you must use good timing skills to run under.

Then you will encounter... The ghosts!

They swing through the air in a relativity up and down fashion, though they still sway from side to side by small measures. Pull the sponge block that you see in the corner over to the first platform, and use it as a step to get up. Then, using perfect timing skills jump across the platforms until you reach the 3rd one, where you flick a switch that unlocks the door. if you jump a little further you can acquire a ghost sticker, hidden behind the 3rd ghosts movement path.

Fifth Obstacle:
Skate to Victory - Fifth Obstacle
Through that door is another ghost section. Basically the same thing, move the sponge so it provides a step for you to jump onto the platforms, next to the third platform is a switch that triggers a "boot" that gives you a lift to the next area. To the left of the second platform is a prize bubble that can be gained at the sacrifice of climbing all over again.

Sixth Obstacle:

Skate to Victory - Sixth Obstacle
Once in the next area, climb up a couple of platforms to gain a checkpoint and flick a switch (avoiding a hanging ghost). This will trigger a boot that will help you up to the next stage. If you jump about three quarters into the boots flight you will perform a super jump, allowing you access to the prize bubble and challenge key above.

Seventh Obstacle:
Skate to Victory - Seventh Obstacle
Here is a funny platform part of the level. basically you jump when the platform is lowering towards you and then jump again when its about level with the second one. Once on the second platform you can do the super jump trick you used on the sixth obstacle to reach a secret area in a seemingly solid wall to your left. Continuing though that secret area you get to a sticker area, triggered by the star sticker**

Up the ramp though is a boot that kicks a grabbable thing on a stick. Wonder what to do here. (cough, grab onto the sponge, and use the boot to kick you to the next area). Once there, pull on the sponge that has some strings attached to it to pull down a platform, then use it to leave that castle for good!!!

Eight Obstacle:
Skate to Victory - Eight Obstacle
And so begins the race!
basically pull the skateboard and jump on, try to collect the man hanging prizes that you pass. Also, it is important that you pull the skateboard, not push or else it is hard to jump on befor the skateboard goes flying without you. Here you can also listen to the
cool music*

Once you have finished the race move on to the right until you reach the end of the level.

*The Cool Music:
This is the awesome music that can also be heard on the impossible quiz
**The Star Sticker: Many a star-shaped sticker switch can be found in the Gardens and other areas on LittleBigPlanet -- more than any of the other switches you'll see for the time being. You can find the sticker just before the level exit, attached below the final bird.

100% Unlockables
To the left of the start you will see a Sticker Switch hanging. It is a star which you don't have yet, return here once you
have the star sticker to get ([47], [60] and [62]).Continue right until you see The King and grab the bird to be lifted upswing cross and use the wind mills to continue right. At the end you will fall down and see four Prize Bubbles ([7], [32], [49], and [53]) at the bottom you will see another ([52]).
Continue right where you will see a water wheel and lots of Prize Bubbles ([1], [3], [9], [14], [18], [41], [45] and [55]) Continue right and use the bird to get the Prize Bubble ([36]), and get to the top and go left use the other bird to swing to get the Prize Bubbles ([13] and [24]) continue right to The Queen where you will find another Prize Bubble ([44]).
Continue right to Humpty Dumpty and use the Jet Pack to go left into the trees and collect the Prize Bubbles ([23], [59], and [63]).

Up here you will see a Sticker Switch hanging. It is a star which you don't have yet, return here once you have the star sticker to get ([10], [35], [36], [39] and [61]).
Then use the Jet Pack to pick up the yellow things and put them into the basket above, you will need a total of 3 in there. This will open the gates for you to enter.

Continue right and jump onto the boot to get a Prize Bubble ([20]) then continue under the boot. Watch out for the ghosts and use the block to get to the top and press the button, jump across right to get the Prize Bubble ([30]).
Continue right and use the block to get the Prize Bubble ([15]) then get to the top and press the button again. Jump onto the boot and continue up to the button to lower the boot. Get on the boot and jump up to get the Prize Bubble ([58]) and the key.
You will see a Sticker Switch on the side of the wall. It is a lion type emblem which you don't have yet, return here once you have the star sticker to get ([38] and [43]).
Continue right to find the Prize Bubble ([48]).

This is a 2 player bit so you will need either a friend or to play online with someone. You need to simply press both buttons at once so it will be easily done by one person with 2 controllers, do this to get ([4], [46] and [56]).
Then continue up to another boot, behind the boot you will find Prize Bubbles ([34] and [42]), then grab the sponge it is kicking and let go so you swing directly left (where the score bubbles are). It may take a few attempts but when you get there you will find Prize Bubbles ([17] and [51]).

Continue left1 and you will see a Sticker Switch hanging. It is a star which you don't have yet, return here once you have the star sticker to get ([6], [8], [21], [22], [26] and [27]).
Continue right and up the top with the boot and pull down the ledge with the block and continue up there right, to start a race.
After the race make your way back left and use Humpty to get the key and then left more you should find Prize Bubbles ([28] and [33]) on a tree. Continue left more under the ramp and all the way to the end you will find a Prize Bubble ([19]).

Then continue right again and collect the Prize Bubbles ([2], [11], [16], [29], [31], [37] and [57]) near The Queen.
Continue right and you will see a Prize Bubble ([50]) which is the highly anticipated star! So you can go back to all those occasions where you needed it, then continue right to the end of the level.

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