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Want to know how to make stitch see this youtube link

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Pikachu Pikachu How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet
1) Wear nothing but the rabbit ears.
2) Use the yellow sticker all around your sackperson.
3) Use the red circle sticker on the cheeks

And then you go and make aHow To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet level!

Want to know how to make stitch see this youtube link

also see my other videos and subscribe

  • Torso:Nothing
  • Pants: (MGS) pants
  • Head: Helmet
  • Boots: any
  • Glasses: Sunglasses
  • Gloves:any

Color everything White (skin, pants, shirt, helmet, gloves, and boots) but don't color sunglasses!

Then, after that add any attachments!!!!

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      1. Samurai
How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet
1)Go into create mode. It'll make things much easier as if you misplace a sticker or decoration you can just hit the rewind button and try again.

2)Pick your default sackboy colour (I went with beige.)
How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet

3)Put a black sticker on your face to cover your mouth.
How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet

4)Equip the following.
Head:Raiden hair and helmet (MGS pack)
Torso:Metallic Tunic (From Islands theme)
Hands:MotorStorm gloves (Motorstorm costume DLC. You can use leather glover if you don't have it.)
Feet:Wellington boots (There are a few you could use. Just sticker them black later.)
Legs:Meryl Trousers (MGS pack)
Neck:Hero cape (or Red Roman cape.)
How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet
Of course there are a few options you could go with for the shoes, trousers and hands. Just choose whatever you think looks coolest. Instead of a cape you could have the Nariko or God of War swords if you have them.

5)Put a black sticker the Raiden helmet. Use one huge sticker and it should cover the entire of the helmet and all the hair. Next put one on the chest of the armour and one on each leg. Then finally put one under each arm.
How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet

6)Now it's time to decorate. For the helmet I used theOval Jewel(Jewellery section) and theSharp Tooth(Characters section). For the torso I used theGolden Sun(Accessories section) and for the legs theRuby Jewel(Jewellery section)
How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet

7)Still there? NOw for one final, small but important touch. The sword. I used theLong Armour Platedecoration from the MGS pack. You can find it under the accessories section. Just stick it to the side of your leg so it's almost pointing towards the screen.

...and voila! you have your Samurai!
How To Make Costumes - Little Big Planet

There are alot of variations you could come up with to create your own unique samurai. Different helmet design, like I said earlier try using different gloves, shoes, trousers etc. If I had the Nariko DLC I'd probably use her sword on the back instead of the cape. I also think the Ryu gloves from the Street Fighter DLC would work really well too.
charactorcreator red ninja dont have one sorry ill try and get one
well first put the ninja scarf on then put the guriukovich soldiers vest on [mgs] or put the eagle sticker on wich you get from playing red team10s rocket race comes the tricky part. paint the bottom of the ninja scarf red then paint his hands red[or or paint gloves] now paint his body red [i would put ninja skin on to so you dont have to paint his arms and legs black and now save it walah if you followed these steps correctly then you have yourself a red ninja hoped you liked it :-) dont just give up instantly try and try again and its the same with the samurai above its hard but worth it.if you are willing to use decorations and detailed stuff then please read on.well first choose the utility pack decoration. then make it really small and stick it on your arms. then choose the eagle sticker and place it on the top half of the ninja scarf. then get the red circle and paint your eyes red.then put a black square sticker on the bottom half of the ninja scarf an keep on going in a line it but i would advise saving a sticker like this one so it doesnt say there is too many stickers on your guy and walah you hope you like your new costumewarning if you dont have to mgs pack do not continue :-) this is a way to on how to make a desert camo ninja using the mgs pack well first use he guriukovich soldiers mask on then put the brown camo on and then paint the mask brown and put the lether gloves and the welinghton boots on. then paint the boots brown. then you pretty much have nim but if you are willing to use decorations on your sackboy then keep reading.well select the utility pack decoration
and put it on his right half of his chest and now put the brown version of the eagle sticker from rocket race redteam10s level
Youtube has a ton check them out

Want to know how to make stitch see this youtube link

also see my other videos and subscribe




hair: Buzz hair
material: solid snake costume
glasses: sun glasses
clothes: killzone soldier

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