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The Garden

First Steps
Elizabethan trousers
Elizabethan Trousers
White Ruff
Fancy Moustache
Elizabethan Dress
Elizabethan Hat

Level complete
Big Kiss Skin
Bunny Ears

Aced Level
Pirate Eye Patch
Pirate Hook

Get A Grip
Grey Tweed Skin

Level complete
Pink cat Nose
Happy eyes

Aced level
Pirate waistcoat
Pirate Shorts

Skate to victory
Hessian Skin Fabric
Funny Face Glasses
Beige Cotton Skin

Level Complete

Bunny Tail

Aced level
Pirate Hat

The Savannah

Swinging Safari
Lion nose
Cats eyes
Lion Tail
Cork Hat
Zebra Tail
Zebra Skin
Zebra Head
Cute lion ears
Lion mask
Scary fangs
Lions mane

Level Complete
Pink fashion sunglasses
Green daisy skin

Aced Level
Ringmasters jacket

Burning Forest
Orange stripy skin

Level Complete
Green Checked skin
Black & pink dress

Aced Level


The Meerkat Kingdom
Red Roman cape
Blue circles skin denim

Level Complete
Pink scarf

Aced Level
Ringmasters top Hat
Gold Monocle

The Wedding

The Wedding Reception

White wedding dress
Red wig
Bow tie
Black tuxedo
Top hat
Farmers cap
Fuzzy Scribble Skin
Wedding Veil
Zombie girl skin

Complete Level
Rainbow dot skin
Fairy Dress

Aced Level
Wooden sword

The Darkness

Brown leather skin
Pink Star Sunglasses

Complete Level

Pink dot skin
Pink fairy wings

Aced Level

Roman Armor


Complete Level
Long Bunches wig

Aced Level
Roman helmet

The Canyons

Boom Town
Pinata skin
red poncho
seniorita wig
sombrero hat
lace trim dress
patchy eye skin
mexican wrestler skin
feathered head band
long moustache
ringmasters trousers

Level Complete

Red flowers skin
Fringed dress

Aced Level

cowboy boots
leather gloves

The Mines
Plain natural skin
Rotten teeth
Dungarees bottom

Level Complete
Pigtails hair wig
Brown camo skin

Aced Level
Cowboy bandana
Jeans with a belt

Serpent Shrine
Clown Skin
Zombie Brain

Level Complete

Frying pan

Aced Level
Cowboy hat

The Metropolis

Tracksuit top
Tracsuit bottoms
Hero cape
Mirror sunglasses
Sequin dress
Afro wig
American trousers
American jacket
Basketball vest
Big quiff wig
Cannonball helmet
Bouffant hairdo wig
Dollar chain
Baseball cap

Level Complete
Grey tweed
School girl dress

Aced Level
Dinosaur tail

White weave skin
Blue denim skin
Pink hair wig

Level Complete
Wellington boots
Green damask

Aced Level
Green scock puppet

The Construction Site
red flash skin
white burlap
yellow builder cap
dungarees top

Level Complete
Blonde hair wig

Aced Level
Dinosaur mask

The Islands

Endurance Dojo

Red kimono
Ninja scarf
Wooden wig
Ninja skin

Level Complete
Dungaree dress
Escaped convict

Aced Level
Japanese festival robe

Senseis Lost Castle
Flip flops
Metallic tunic

Level Complete

Angel halo
Rainbow squares skin

Aced Level
Googly Eye glasses

The Terrible Onis Volcano

Level Complete
Pink hair with feathers wig

Aced Level
Japanese festival headband

The Temples

The Dancers Court
Blue headscarf
Blue sari
Baggy silk trousers

Level Complete
Dotted line skin
Green goggles

Aced Level
Chicken beak

Elephant Temple

Brown burlap skin
Mini sackboy
Short sleeved shirt
Brown carpet

Level Complete
Life Ring
White knit skin

Aced Level

Chicken tail

Great Magicians Palace

Cartoon eyes
Brown felt skin
Grey sid parting wig
Cardboard mask
Green felt skin

Level Complete
Green swimsuit

Aced Level

Chicken wings

The Wilderness

The Frozen Tundra
Devil trousers
Long grey coat
tree skin
ponytail hair wig
red devil skin
pvc raincoat
pvc trousers
red horns
red dress
devil tail
fur hat
pink splat skin

Level complete

Green camo skin
Robot box helmet

Aced level
White neon eyes

The Bunker
Yellow damask skin
Soldiers helmet
Blue shellsuit skin
Cardboard hat
Collar and tie
Grey camo skin

Level complete

Neon wire frame skin
Box robot body

Aced level
Neon helmet

The Collectors Lair
Blue camo skin
Scale swimsuit
Chinese dragon mask
Head dress
Mermaid tail

Level complete

Robot trousers
Aced level
Neon dress

The Collector

Aced level
Yellow head

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